18 months ago I decided to take my 20+ years of experience working in design and marketing and pursue my own business. With doing so came many challenges, but also many successes. So thank you for your support, your patience, your encouragement, and helping me truly do what I love. Hopefully you too have seen success from what we have created together.

2023 will bring challenges like every year does, but I believe if good people work together and genuinely want to help others succeed, good things will happen. Let’s have the best year yet, and let’s keep creating beautiful things.

One of the things I love most about my career is meeting and working with amazing people. You all have inspired me to always do my best and be professional in all I do. Many moons ago in a different life I was a 100% commissioned sales person and I learned to develop skills to create conversation, carry on conversation, read peoples body language and always feel a sense of what they are feeling. Thank you for letting me navigate your careers and success with you and I hope to continue developing strong relationships with those I work with.